Mellie is not your every day make-up artist. She is a certified and licensed tattoo artist and cosmetologist. For Mellie, all this begun as a great dream for a 13 year old girl, back in 2000. She had a great eye for makeup and to her the transformation that came with proper makeup application was simply a work of art. Unlike most of us who spend half of their lives trying to find our purpose and passion in life, at that tender age she knew that art was going to be a major part of her life. Although the entire beauty industry sparked great interest in her, the eyebrows were what stood out more for her. She was fascinated by the impact a person’s eyebrows had on their overall appearance.

Being a professional in the industry she has been offering exquisite services, tailor-made to suit each of her client’s tastes and preferences. One of the skills she excelled in was eyebrow microblading. She learned microblading in Thailand, where some of the most talented and famous artist in the microblading technique like David Zhang originated from and has trained with Master Huong Phan & Jasmine Hien Phan from Phibrows Academy by Branko Babic.

This is a more natural way of getting eyebrows; one of the most important features of the face, by manually inserting pigments to create more of an embroidery of trompe l’œil strokes that look just like real hairs. Mellie is also a PhiBrows Royal Artist, “the title as the highest acknowledgement of the PhiBrows Academy in the field of achieved professionalism in the ultimate skill.” Her journey of following a passion she had was actually transforming the lives of women across divides. It was no longer just another technique to enhance beauty but it actually built and restored lost confidence and self esteem in every client that went through Mellie’s hands.

Transforming and empowering women across the world is a task that Mellie cannot handle alone so she has made it her mission to spread her wings across the world by sharing her wealth of skills with her students. She continues to develop a team of outstanding skilled microblading artists to always create the thinnest strokes and the most realistic result, shinning light in the lives of thousands of women.